Jumat, 06 Mei 2011


Victoria Secret is a trick to grab opportunities when market bullish saturated. I use this trick in the pair Eur / usd and GBP / usd. This trick was developed in 2005. Some have failed, but more often ended with a resounding success.

Towards the end of last January with the tricks can get 200 pips only by 1 order and the overnight 1 night. But in early January, this trick is used and experienced loss -35 pips on eur / usd. In the month of December 2005 with the tricks can be to 300 pips over the gbp / usd after overnight a few nights (when it happens to also be the support of market sentiment towards the close of the year, much needed dollars to pay foreign debt, which is also quite significant gains.) For that I recommend to use stop loss when applying. Use a stop loss 35 pips difference for pair e / u and 50 pips for the pair g / u.