Jumat, 29 April 2011


Some terms Forex important and absolutely must be understood.
The first is commonly called "PIP" Pip is a unit commonly used in naming the value of an exchange or so-called also "Points". Examples: USD / CHF 1.4235 last week and today's value rose to 1.4245 it means that this pair has increased by 10 pips Well, understand right?
Another thing we need to know is that his name "LEVERAGE". It's more or less synonymous with "Margin Deposits" in stock., It simply is that if we invest Rp 5 million and when this unit is charged at 1:100 leverage means that we are given rights by the broker to buy 100 x greater than the funds we have. Means with the money amounting to Rp 5 million, we provided funds to purchase foreign currencies amounting to Rp.500 million . Now this is called margin collateral or leverage. Each broker has its own leveragenya - own. In this case, big leverage means possible profit / loss becomes greater. Vice versa, then the leverage that a small amount of loss that may occur becomes smaller with the consequence also becomes smaller gains in value.
I myself prefer a little leverage, Because then the risk of loss is Smaller. If I believe a transaction will of profitable, then I can raise the amount that will be my Lot traded.

Then next is the "CONTRACT SIZE" This is a multiplier factor in calculating the amount of profit and loss. Its value is fixed and set by the government that is 10,000 (ten thousand).
The next thing is the "LOT" Lot is a unit of the contract on every transaction. So when I entered into the transaction, such as purchasing (buy) USD against the CHF, the value of the units in the lot. Again, each broker has their own rules in determining the lot, depending on the pip and levererage them. In AsiaFXOnline, one lot transaction value was Rp 1 million.


Actually the existence of Forex Trading has long been available since the discovery of techniques to convert a country's currency into another country's currency. However, the new institutionally there after an arbitration body set up futures contracts (futures). An example is the IMM (International Money Market, founded in 1972) which is a division of the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange-specific product handling perishable commodities). Another example is the LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange), TIFFE (Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange) and so on.


What is Forex?
Forex stands for Foreign Exchange, or the exchange of the value of different currencies, forex activity unwittingly or consciously, often carried out by all people in the world, if you travel abroad you must exchange your currency with the currency of your destination country. Or another example of a result of export-import activities, the needs of the market and banking institutions, must conduct the currency exchange!
If we trade by exploiting the difference between purchase price and the exchange price is fluctuating every minute,usually referred to by traders who typically perform these Forex Trading through trading house / brokers! Can an online Internet or via phone, or by manually though!
What is the difference Forex Market Forex Markets Traditional and Modern / Online?
For Traditional Forex Market level of money that is used is 1:1, or a means for trading worth $ 100 you need the money $ 100, or the means to perform a traditional market can be said to have substantial capital, generally done offline traditional trade in the FOREX market. Meanwhile, in trading Forex Market Modern use levels and margins, trade was using online media. What is the level and margin? Level here in modern FOREX market like the example is 1:100, or the means to trade $ 100 of capital should be employed only 1:100 its course, or $ 1, $ 1 it was also mentioned by a margin (or also known as a deposit for the purchase quantity $ 100 .)

Rabu, 27 April 2011

Protection For My house (Residential Insurance)

Residential Insurance many people are still underrated. In fact, external risks such as natural disasters due to heavy rains that often accompanied by flash floods, landslides, and the recent tornado threatens endless building our house. Problems buying a home in our communities so far are still at issue. On the one hand, seeing the condition of the present economic crisis hit, declining purchasing power house, on the other hand house prices continue to soar even higher. Unfortunately, the community focus for this still pegged to the purchase, has not been fully maintained. Because generally, after the ideals of buying a home is reached, the next stage which is not less important precisely overlooked, namely to maintain or defend it by using Insurance on the residence. Do not wait for disasters to come. Because of the house, Like other precious objects such as motorcycles or cars, the absolute need of protection. Not merely provide physical protection of course, but also in non-physical or financial form of Insurance.

Senin, 25 April 2011


Many people are interested in using stone exposed to decorate the house, whether it be on the look fa├žade houses, fences, walls, or in interior design. Indeed, the stone has its own beauty, such as sandstone, palimanan stone, stone temples, and so forth. Fresh atmosphere that feels so we set foot in a building that has exposed stone can sometimes make us feel disejukkan by a cold atmosphere.

Many references to a unique form of rock exposure and can become our reference when going to build or renovate the house. Stone exposure is already very popular today, its history must also be started from the history of our country is rich relics from the stone buildings, namely the temples. So using a stone to complement the flavor of love exposed the country is a way to preserve the history of the stone age in our country.
For those of you who live in cities with dense population and high cost of building materials also may be a little to make us think again. Actually this can we get around, how our house looks simple but luxurious eye, the main secret is the house beautiful shades of natural stone. Trends in residential buildings currently associated also with the desire many people have houses that can be integrated with nature, at least in their homes have natural accents that they can enjoy. The use of natural stones to beautify our house is one alternative to get around the thoughtful in the blend with the natural desire without having to leave the house. Natural stone can not only be used for the exterior of our homes, but can also be used to beautify the interior of our house. Many kinds and types of natural stone that can be used to beautify our homes, the type of natural stone andesite that is currently very popular until the type of limestone rock. All types of natural stone can be used, live how we designed it to look together with architectural character of our homes. Currently, not just houses that use natural stone as an aesthetic element of a building. An office, salon, shop, even a hotel has many advantages from the beauty of natural stone.

Kamis, 14 April 2011

Dream Bathroom

Want to have a bathroom appear more attractive?? A bathroom should be coupled with a variety of equipment that has been designed to meet the needs and tastes. Some of them are the fixtures bathroom attractive with colors that lure as a decorative element, as well as functional such as bathub, sink, closet, bidet, shower and supporting like a mirror, towels, personal care devices, ranging from soap, toothbrush, shampoo, and others. In building a bathroom, there are three factors to be considered.
1. Hygienic
To support these hygiene factors, insist that all materials, especially floors and walls must be watertight. Thus, automatic bathroom can easily be cleaned. Because the bathroom could easily result in an unpleasant smell, it would require adequate ventilation. Keep the sun's rays into the bathroom, because the sunlight there is bacteria that will quickly disappear. 

2. Comfort
To support this factor, try using bright colors. If the bathroom using a dark color, dirt is not visible. This is what will make the bathroom situation is unhealthy and uncomfortable. To overcome this, needs to available sources of clean water and disposal of dirty water from the bathroom must be current.

3. Safety
Cultivated either floor or tub of water using a material that is not slippery. All material is in the bathroom, must be qualified and sturdy, including the well installation. For example: installing a sink or even a mirror must be correct shelf and sturdy to be safe.
When these things mentioned above note, the bathroom will be designed, will be able to meet the needs, and supporting the appearance of your bathroom to be more convenient to use and attractive atmosphere with all the forms and attributes.

For accessories, choose the more attractive. For doors and glass in the bathroom, choose a higher quality. Options on quality in the end will make you satisfied because the jamb and the door leaves are not easily eaten up by termites. Glass is also very varied and not easily broken. Regarding the material of this quality, there is a special note. The bathroom is different from another room because the water coming out of it is water that contains a variety of sediment and foam. For this, dry the bathroom waste water leaving a trail of marks on the floor or in closets that are not cleaned in detail once. This sediment gradually began to look difficult to clean when it started the normal way.

Rabu, 13 April 2011

Simple house does not have to be expensive

The development of real estate today is very fast, this is marked by numerous property development units, for example: apartment or a super-exclusive luxury condominium or building small houses that simple. Along with the development of the property world, the needs of the community will house these days is very high. If the lack of sufficient budget to buy a house that middle-end, or a simple little house would not be an obstacle to realizing the desire to have a house. Almost all developers offer a small house lots or products, due to high public demand for housing / residence, then only a short time able to sell hundreds of housing units. The problem is, many developers take advantage of the momentum by building a small house with the facilities and environment perfunctory as long as we know, the House Very Simple (RSS).

Describe the tiny house with a condition like that it's time to change. Consumer is king, people also who should be given the best. Houses must be beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly. That's the key word to build whatever size house, including building or choosing a small house. Little house on the market usually has an area of ​​100 square meters with a maximum variation of size 6 X 15 m, 7 x 15m, or 8 X 12 m, and standard forms of building houses.