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Simple house does not have to be expensive

The development of real estate today is very fast, this is marked by numerous property development units, for example: apartment or a super-exclusive luxury condominium or building small houses that simple. Along with the development of the property world, the needs of the community will house these days is very high. If the lack of sufficient budget to buy a house that middle-end, or a simple little house would not be an obstacle to realizing the desire to have a house. Almost all developers offer a small house lots or products, due to high public demand for housing / residence, then only a short time able to sell hundreds of housing units. The problem is, many developers take advantage of the momentum by building a small house with the facilities and environment perfunctory as long as we know, the House Very Simple (RSS).

Describe the tiny house with a condition like that it's time to change. Consumer is king, people also who should be given the best. Houses must be beautiful, healthy and environmentally friendly. That's the key word to build whatever size house, including building or choosing a small house. Little house on the market usually has an area of ​​100 square meters with a maximum variation of size 6 X 15 m, 7 x 15m, or 8 X 12 m, and standard forms of building houses.

Beautiful is not necessarily expensive. Creativity is a wise and intelligent design actually able to realize a small house-efficient building materials and deal with all the limitations, both funds and land. Beautiful concept can be translated in the form of house plans are straightforward and easy maintenance. Limitations of land to encourage development of small terraced houses.

Plan open space and minimal wall, both walls, walls, or doors, make the room feel airy. Merging function space tailored to the needs of residents. Carport, porch, and front gardens functioned as a living room, children's playground, parking of vehicles, even meeting the neighborhood. Space in the optimized as a family room and dining room. The function of the family room, study room, and children's bedrooms can also be placed on the upper floor to the roof gutter. Garden and patio used as an open dining room, family room, and children's learning space, with a different time.

The bathroom is a room that requires special handling and maintenance, start sanitation utilities, major appliances, and selection of materials. Materials ceramic or terrazzo floors of rough-textured intended to not slip and small to expand the impression of space. Limitations can be made spacious bathroom with shower box closed dry-walled glass or plastic curtains. Placement of septic tank while stationed in the front garden, but are still relatively close to the water pump so that the long term can contaminate ground water. For that purpose, to consider re-placement of septic tanks collectively diverted in the gardens of the environment.
Structuring very practical kitchen together with dining room or on the patio (open dining room.)

General concept of the home provides a bedroom and bathroom attendants in the rear, under, or over near room service, washing, and drying. Now the design room service, laundry, and hanging, bedroom and bathroom and kitchen maid dirty placed in front of the house, adjacent family room overlooking the carport.

Views artistic home does not require expensive materials. The wall is of brick and stone walls of exposed brick with a settlement or a combination of stucco or kamprotan with careful workmanship and neat, or can also use the steel plate wall. Ceramic KW-2, KW-3, or a unique terrazzo also not less interesting beautify the house floor. Ketidakpresisian material can still be disiasati by nat-nat wide.

The contents should be versatile home furnishings, according to the priority needs of the family, and proportionately between the size of furnishings and spacious rooms. Tables, sofas, couches, under the sink, under stairs up to be optimized as a storage area for goods and dispersed as needed function space so no need to create a warehouse.

Settlement floors, walls, and furnishings with color and / or similar materials on the outer space to give the impression of vast space in imaginary space. Gradation mix the right color in each room also influences the impression of living space while providing psychological effects (psychiatric treatment) to the occupants of the house. Unity of theme and colors will help the house seem orderly and airy, between floors (dark), walls and furniture (medium), and roof ceiling (light).

House tiny also be healthy. Home is where the physical and mental health therapy occupants, both in times well, in healing, or are sick. The house where the body's relaxation restore freshness.

Power shortages and rising electricity rates should be anticipated with the priority use of electrical devices and energy-efficient home design. Optimization of sunlight as a source of natural lighting throughout the house early this afternoon and moonlight and stars at night.

Optimization of sunlight and air circulation can be created by opening doors and windows with width and length to reach the floor, minimum 2.75 meters high ceiling, and skylights in the dining room, bathroom, or bedroom above would provide expansion space imaginary.

Each room strived to get sunshine and fresh air are good for the health of home occupants and occupants as well as pocket. Houses can even minimize the use of air conditioning (AC), fans, and lights, especially in the daytime.
Installation of mirrors on one wall, like on the patio, family room, and bathroom, will increase the area of ​​an imaginary space. Decorating the walls with paintings, family photographs, certificates, plaques, or ethnic objects as points of interest add a living room atmosphere as well as providing psychological therapy to the residents.

Pages narrow they can be used as a park water absorption (dry garden) with a simple structure from bottom to top, pumice, fibers, coral, coarse sand, and soil / coral / gravel, with a thickness varied according to soil conditions.

Planting trees in front gardens (the most probable), compared to the rear garden is a supplier of oxygen as well as provide shade and coolness to the hosts. In the morning, residents are still advised to open windows and doors to ensure the availability of sunlight and fresh air into warm the space and replace the stale air inside the house.

The playhouse will be more comfortable if the problem of availability and quality of water obtained from PAM, hand pump, or pump machine with a good note, especially if there is clean water shortages in the dry season. Then, how the waste management system also needs to be studied carefully, whether administered alone (recycling) or provided temporary shelter.

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