Rabu, 27 April 2011

Protection For My house (Residential Insurance)

Residential Insurance many people are still underrated. In fact, external risks such as natural disasters due to heavy rains that often accompanied by flash floods, landslides, and the recent tornado threatens endless building our house. Problems buying a home in our communities so far are still at issue. On the one hand, seeing the condition of the present economic crisis hit, declining purchasing power house, on the other hand house prices continue to soar even higher. Unfortunately, the community focus for this still pegged to the purchase, has not been fully maintained. Because generally, after the ideals of buying a home is reached, the next stage which is not less important precisely overlooked, namely to maintain or defend it by using Insurance on the residence. Do not wait for disasters to come. Because of the house, Like other precious objects such as motorcycles or cars, the absolute need of protection. Not merely provide physical protection of course, but also in non-physical or financial form of Insurance.

* Customer to obtain financial compensation if the subject matter insured caused directly exposed to the risks listed in the summary of the insurance policy
* Customers who are forced to obtain the insured's costs incurred after the disaster, Example:
     -Cost of cleaning the rubble of damaged buildings
     -Architect fees, building contractor or surveyor to renovate or rebuild homes after the accident the insured and also all han environmental hygiene at home

* Customers acquiring excellent after sales service without having to wait for the occurrence of disasters such as:
     -Value of inflation-forecast information current insurance policy renewal notices for building and contents insured insured residential buildings with adequate and fair value
     -Free examination of the condition of the building from termite and pest attack house
     -Variety of the latest info from the insurance company

Presumably, the house Insurance is no longer just the umpteenth number after you have a home. Houses and Insurance are the two currencies can not be replaced. The sooner we have Insurance, the sooner we secure the hard work for this to have a home.
What would you do, when Sunday morning, the door of your house demolished by force?
With insurance you just stay home phone to a place where you are, you are entrusted to its protection and all your needs will be served immediately as needed to replace all the losses all the damage from this forced pembokaran. Television, radio, stereo, microwave, toaster, silver and all equipment from a protected home fixtures.

Insurance for homes, make sure you to obtain financial reimbursement for any losses that befall your beloved home which may be caused by :

• Fire, lightning, explosion, riots and demonstrations
• Damage caused by crime, damage by water and also theft
• Riots, strikes, damage caused by crime, terrorism and sabotage
• Floods, storms and water damage
• Earthquakes, volcanic eruption and tsunami

Put away your fears and live more comfortably in your home.

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