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Many people are interested in using stone exposed to decorate the house, whether it be on the look façade houses, fences, walls, or in interior design. Indeed, the stone has its own beauty, such as sandstone, palimanan stone, stone temples, and so forth. Fresh atmosphere that feels so we set foot in a building that has exposed stone can sometimes make us feel disejukkan by a cold atmosphere.

Many references to a unique form of rock exposure and can become our reference when going to build or renovate the house. Stone exposure is already very popular today, its history must also be started from the history of our country is rich relics from the stone buildings, namely the temples. So using a stone to complement the flavor of love exposed the country is a way to preserve the history of the stone age in our country.
For those of you who live in cities with dense population and high cost of building materials also may be a little to make us think again. Actually this can we get around, how our house looks simple but luxurious eye, the main secret is the house beautiful shades of natural stone. Trends in residential buildings currently associated also with the desire many people have houses that can be integrated with nature, at least in their homes have natural accents that they can enjoy. The use of natural stones to beautify our house is one alternative to get around the thoughtful in the blend with the natural desire without having to leave the house. Natural stone can not only be used for the exterior of our homes, but can also be used to beautify the interior of our house. Many kinds and types of natural stone that can be used to beautify our homes, the type of natural stone andesite that is currently very popular until the type of limestone rock. All types of natural stone can be used, live how we designed it to look together with architectural character of our homes. Currently, not just houses that use natural stone as an aesthetic element of a building. An office, salon, shop, even a hotel has many advantages from the beauty of natural stone.

Maybe there are some people assume that the utilization of natural stone will drain their pockets, but keep in mind that natural stone is very economical in the care and maintenance. Imagine if the walls of the fence you just finished by painting the walls, even if you protect it with paints that cost the most expensive even if you still have fired back again at least once a year. But if you coat your walls with natural stone, you feel you do not have to spend to maintain it.
If the installation of natural stone and really well done and polished correctly, the money you spend on it will not continuously. So you imagine how your dream house even though small but it looks pretty in her natural stone accents. Natural stone is one of the trinkets or accessories that can be used to beautify your home when we are careful in selecting and installing it properly by an experienced craftsman. In the market there are many different types of materials widely used to coat the walls. One of the natural stone material is one of them. Where he will be able to create a natural look of the room because of the shape, texture, and motive.
At the time of installation, this material can produce a variety of patterns and appearance. Can you put a pattern like a brick wall, bundles of betel leaves, square boxes, installation of back and forth, and so forth. Even you can give a little touch of art in accordance with the character of natural stone used for beautify.


 The main characteristic of the stone-slab is in the form of boulders. This stone is used for the foundation. Even so, there are also stone slabs. The shape and size is usually irregular. These stone slabs used for coating walls or floors. Need an experienced and expert craftsmen to obtain a neat result due to irregularities such form will create a complicated installation process. The shape and size of irregular clearly make the installation process somewhat difficult.

The shape of the plates, rough and porous texture of so easily absorb water. When frequently exposed to water, the color black will turn increasingly murky. The common sizes we encounter is 10 cm x 20 cm, 15 cm x 30 cm and 20 cm x 20 cm. Larger size is also equal to the size of ceramics that are often encountered. The use of stone temples are generally on the exterior such as patio and fence. When used indoors only serves limited sweeteners

From the name of course will have a smoother texture. Creation supported by the machine to smooth the surface. Choice of colors ranging from green, brown, white, yellow. General measure that we have encountered is 10 cm x 10 cm to 20 cm x 40 cm. Sandstone can be adapted to use both interior and exterior as well as an accent wall or floor. When would you use on the outside, it is necessary due to the nature of the coating process will lead to high porositinya easily overgrown with fungus because it is easy to damp stone. For installation, you should use a slightly soft mortar can be bound firmly to the wall.

Having a fairly high level of violence, and porous meeting. Dark color and size are found in the market is 5 cm x 20 cm, to 20 cm x 40 cm and has a thickness of typically 3-4 cm. Aggregates is perfect no matter where your room, setting the pattern is usually a brick stacking patterns that make it as strong wallcoverings structure becauseto each other binding

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